Half a million dollars .. How to save Prince Andrew from the sex scandal?

تابعونا علي جوجل نيوز

On Monday, the US judiciary revealed a financial agreement concluded in 2009 between the millionaire accused of sexual crimes Jeffrey Epstein 

who committed suicide in prison in 2019 and one of his victims, that might protect his friend, British Prince Andrew.

And this agreement between Epstein and American Virginia Joffrey, which was published 

by the Manhattan Federal Court, is related to Prince Andrew, Epstein’s friend and life partner, Glenn Maxwell, given that Joffrey filed a civil lawsuit against 

Queen Elizabeth II in New York last August accusing him of “sexual assault” on her. 3 times in 2001, when she was 17 years old.

Andrew’s lawyers, 61, have been doing their best for the past 6 months to block this lawsuit, and assert that the 2009 agreement prevents Virginia Joffrey from suing the British prince.

The settlement, in which Virginia Roberts, now 38, earned $500,000, protected Jeffrey Epstein from being prosecuted for 

sexual crimes against the woman, but the legal wording of the contractual document also included any “other potential defendant”.

The document does not mention the Duke of York by name, nor does it expressly refer to his capacity, but Andrew’s defense attorneys asserted that Joffrey’s claim had no legal basis.

However, the lawsuit in which Joffrey seeks damages of an unspecified amount is not linked to any criminal path

and Prince Andrew, who has consistently denied these allegations, is not prosecuted for crimes or sexual abuse.

On Tuesday, the fate of Joffrey’s lawsuit may be decided, as on Tuesday morning a video conference will be held between Judge 

Kaplan and the two parties’ attorneys to see if the lawsuit can be dismissed for this reason.

On December 31, the judge had originally rejected another request for annulment submitted by the 

Duke of York, Prince Andrew, arguing that the American woman was not eligible to sue in New York because she resided in Australia, not in the United States.

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تابعونا علي جوجل نيوز

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