Cause of high temperature and redeary

Cause of high temperature and redness of the ear

Red ear. There's a widespread phenomenon of reddening the ears with high temperatures, especially in winter, and a lot of people are looking for
What is the secret of reddening the ears in this way and are there health problems resulting from this.
It is noted that with the redness of the ears he feels severe pain in the ears and redness and burning in this area and one of the most important causes of redness
The ears are:

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Redness of the ear

Causes of redness of the ears

There are many important reasons that lead to reddening and saline ears:

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There are thousands of blood vessels in the face and ears, especially in the cold weather in winter due to
warmth, and from here the blood vessels dilate, the hottest face and ears appear and the oxygen-saturated blood flows and that's where it comes from.
Redness and heat.

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Excess redness in the ears with pain

They include the totality of the ears, the sensation of burning and pain in the outer part of the ear, which can appear on either ear or from
It could be with one ear.
It should be noted that these symptoms can last for a few seconds or last for hours and cause the feeling of flow
The blood from the blood vessels rubbed in the ears increases their redness.
And it happens sometimes that shyness increases the redness of the face and can not control this shyness it is normal in the human being and from here
Redness occurs in the ears.

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Women's menopause.

When menopausal menopause occurs, there are hot flashes that cause reddening and satruced ears, and there can be a decrease.
The level of the hormone during menopause leads to these causes in the redness of the ears.

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How to treat redness of the ears

When you know the treatment of redness of the ears, the main cause of this should be known.
The redness of the ears could be caused by the skin glow.
A lot of research has been done to find out what is the main cause of reddening of the ears, including sunburn, and prescriptions can be used.
This is done after consulting the attending physician and following his instructions.
It is important to note that one of the most important causes of redness of the ears is bacterial inflammation and antibiotics should be taken here according to instructions.

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