Connecting to Your Higher Self – How to Awaken Your Inner Self

Communicating with the Higher Being - Your Higher Self

Connecting to Your Higher Self – How to Awaken Your Inner Self

The Indian sage said Parmhensia Yoganda

If you are in tune with God’s thought and hit the nail of illusion with the hammer of correct ideas of truth, you can overcome illusion.

Destroy all mortal thoughts by replacing the idea of immortality.”


Positive affirmations are an effective way to awaken your inner spirit

Relentlessly repeat to yourself this fact:

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I am the infinite, I am the infinite. I am not a little mortal with broken bones, a body that will perish. I am the infinite who neither dies nor changes.”


If a drunk prince goes to the slums, forgets his true identity completely, and begins to lament, “How poor I am,” his friends will laugh at him and say, “Wake up, and remember that you are a prince.” You were also hallucinating, thinking you were a helpless human, struggling and miserable. Every day you should sit quietly and affirm with deep conviction:

No birth, no death, I have no caste; Father, mother, I have nothing. Blessed soul, I am he. I am the infinite happiness.”

If you repeat these thoughts over and over, day and night, you will eventually realize what you really are: an immortal soul.


Isn’t it strange that you don’t know who you are? You do not know yourself? You identify yourself with many different nicknames that apply to your body and human roles…. These titles must be removed from the soul.

“I think, but I am not the thought. I feel, but I am not the feeling. I will, but I am not the will.”

The remaining? You who know you exist; It is you who feel that you exist – by the evidence of intuition, the soul’s unconditional knowledge of its existence


Throughout the day, you are constantly working through the body, thus getting to know it. But every night God removes that imprisoned delusion from you. Last night, in a deep, dreamless sleep, were you a woman, man, American, Hindu, rich or poor? No, I was a pure soul…. In the almost super freedom of deep sleep, God takes all your mortal titles and makes you feel far from the body and all its limits – pure consciousness, resting in space. This vastness is your true self.


Remind yourself of this fact every morning as you wake up:

“I am just coming from the inner realization of myself. I am not the body. I am invisible. I am joy. I am light. I am wisdom. I am love. I dwell in the dream body of this earthly life that I dream of; but I am an eternal soul.”

The season of failure is the best time to sow the seeds of success. The gift of circumstances may cause you to bruise, but it keeps your head upright. Always try again, no matter how many times you fail. Fight when you think you can no longer fight, when you think you have already done your best, or until your efforts crown with success.


Learn to use the psychology of victory. Some people advise, “Don’t talk about failure at all.” But this alone will not help. First, analyze your failure and its causes, learn from the experience, and then rule out every idea of ​​it. Even though he may fail many times, the man who continues to struggle, who is unbeatable on the inside, is a truly victorious person.

Life may be dark, difficulties may come, and opportunities may slip away due to not being taken advantage of, but never say within yourself, “I am done. God has forsaken me.” Who can do anything for this kind of person? Your family may abandon you. Good luck may desert you it seems; May all the forces of man and nature be mobilized against you; But by the quality of the divine initiative within you, you can defeat every invasion of destiny created by your sinful deeds in the past, and triumph in Heaven.


You are not separated from God

All great teachers declare that the immortal soul within this body, the spark of what sustains all. He who knows his soul knows this truth:

“I am above all finite things…I am the stars, I am the waves, I am the life of all. I am the laughter in all hearts, I am the smile on the faces of flowers and in every soul. I am the wisdom and strength that sustain all creation.”

Think, affirm, realize your divine nature
Destruction of the ages’ wrong notion – that we are weak human beings. We must think, meditate, affirm, believe, and realize daily that we are children of God.

You might say, “This is just an idea.” Well, what is the thought? Everything you see is the result of an idea…. The invisible thought gives all things their reality. Therefore, if you can control your thought processes, you can make anything visible; You can embody it with the power of your focus….

Learning to control your thoughts and comprehend your mind, through the scientific meditation techniques given by the Master, you will gradually develop spiritually: your meditations will deepen and your invisible self, the image of the Spirit of God within you, will become real for you.

Think away from the thoughts you want to destroy, replacing them with constructive ones. This is the key to heaven. It is in your hands…

We are what we think we are… Changing your consciousness from a human consciousness to a divine being.

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