The Egyptian god Isamah


Horhab was the newest pharaoh of the 18th Egyptian family in the history of the Balinese Arab Republic of Egypt,


Pharaoh was the Arab Republic of Egypt from 1338 to late 1308 BC in the new country era.


His full name is Horhab Miri Amon and it means “Hor in Eid, beloved Amon”.


The first is to learn about the background of Pharaoh Hormobe, the newest king of the 18th Egyptian dynasty.


According to the French Egyptian scientist Nicholas Grimal (from the Sorbonne) it does not appear that Horhab


He himself is a paatenemheb (aton is present in rejoicing) who was the general leader of the Akhenaten army.


Grimal suggests that horahab’s first political job began in the presence of Tutankhamun.


It is shown next to the king in the chapel of the Shrine of Horhab in Memphis (Place of Saqqara)


In his early political life, he was the foreign royal spokesman for the Arab Republic of Egypt.


He personally led one of the diplomatic missions to visit the Rulers of Nubia and that led to reciprocity in his visit


“Prince of Nubia Miam (Aniba) “For Tutankhamun,” an event that was filmed at the mausoleum of Governor Hui


Soon, Horhab became more important in the presence of Tutankhamun, the general leader of the armed forces, and pharaoh’s advisor.


It should be noted that historical evidence suggests the presence of two ministers of Tutankhamun, one of whom is Khbar Khbarro Ra I.


(A) And the other was Horhab, and there is archaeological evidence that until now the death of Tutankhamun has received the minister.


I took the reins of power for a short time to be replaced by the 2nd Minister Horhab, who at the time of his rule was given


Most of the evidence of the duration of The Rule of Tutankhamun and Minister Ay confirms the conspiracy theory to the few.


Tutankhamun’s death was the result of an assassination and not for satisfactory reasons. And slapped at the hands of the corrupters and spoilers in the republic


began a comprehensive series of internal reforms to ban abuse of power and privileges that


She had begun to have Akhenaten, and this was due to the centrality of the authority of the Republic and privileges in the hands of


A small number of officials. The judges appointed and restored local religious authorities and the division of the legislature between Upper Egypt and the Delta between “ministers of Taiba and Manf respectively.


The policy of Akhenaten of the Arab Republic of Egypt has lost its empire, which was founded by Thutmose the Elder and The 3rd,


When Hormohib took office, he restored discipline to the official interest.


Laws to legalize the life of the public in the past and concerned with the issuance of a large number of laws governing the bond between the person and the ruling authority.


Horhab, the temple of the mountain region of August, settled between The Valley of Halfa and Aposinbel and the hall of celebrations in


The Temple of Luxor has seven columns on each side and is surrounded by a wall and a roof, which was performed from a courtyard


The exterior of the courtyard is more larger, giving the impression that it was erected in the history of the tal.


There were feasts and celebrations of the God at that residence, and all the walls of the temple were


In the source decorated with exquisite inscriptions


Horhab prepared to create a cemetery other than his wealth in the area of Saqqara and sat the leader Hormohab


In the wake of this on the throne, he created a wealth cemetery in the Valley of the Kings, and the king’s tomb was found.


Horhab in the Valley of the Kings, where king Tutankhamun’s tomb is. And it’s in the tombs of The 3 and Ramses.


The walls of King Horhab’s tomb are depicted in the prominent inscription wall reliefs.


Hormohib, his companion in the armed forces, chose Minister Ramses as his successor to the throne.


The reign of Ramses the Elder, who inaugurated the 9th family 10 for a period of two years, is only because of his age at the time of his accession to the throne,


He is the grandfather of the great Pharaoh Ramses II, the hero of the sign and the greatest peace of the past.


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