Will Cristiano Ronaldo be punished for his behavior in the press conference?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo be punished for his behavior in the press conference?

Egy Forever reveals to you in this article whether Cristiano Ronaldo and Pogba will be punished after their actions in the last press conference or not.

One of the Spanish newspapers stated what is the opinion of the European Football Association, UEFA, about the punishment of the world famous player

Christian Ronaldo and his friend Pogba, the French star, after what they did in the previous press conference on Tuesday

And what Christian Ronaldo did is not a big deal, but it is considered a violation by the European Football Association

Where Christian Ronaldo sparked a great controversy between the sports and media circles

After he violently removed a bottle of Coca-Cola from his mother during the press conference

And just as a reminder, Coca-Cola is the first official sponsor of Euro 2021

Then he grabbed a bottle of water in his hand and put it in front of him and said to the fans

This is what Cristiano said at the press conference “Drink water”

And he did not stop for several hours, as the French Pogba did the same thing in a press conference, but the Muslim player decided to remove the entire drink only from his front and did not exceed that.


Will Ronaldo and Pogba be punished by the European Union?

Many sources denied that the players Christian Ronaldo and the French player Pogba were punished by the European Union

And they justified this by saying that every player has personal freedom outside the field to do what he wants

And some other mass currents warn of the possibility of being punished because Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the Euro 2021 tournament.

It is expected next week to confirm whether they will be punished or not

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